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  1. Oil entrepreneurs have accused officials of the Nigeria Nationwide Petroleum Company (NNPC) of extortion in the course
    of the loading of petroleum merchandise
    on the depots.

    Port Harcourt, Warri and Kaduna Refineries resumed operations and have been pumping merchandise to the depots.

    The Vice President, Unbiased Petroleum Entrepreneurs
    Affiliation of Nigeria (IPMAN), Alhaji Abubakar Dankingari who
    accused the state-run oil agency in a phone dialog,
    lamented that the NNPC officials had been sabotaging Federal Government’s real

    However NNPC Group Normal Supervisor, Group Public Affiars Division, Mr.
    Ndu Ughamadu debunked the allegation additionally on a phone.

    Dankingari pressured that kerosene was nonetheless bought at a minimize throat worth throughout
    the nation consequent upon the hurdles that the entrepreneurs
    had been nonetheless required to cross on the depots.

    In response to him, in all of the three depots, entrepreneurs
    have been required to current letters referred to as “Special Allocation from Abuja” to quick-monitor their loading whereas different impartial entrepreneurs queued for the merchandise endlessly.

    He additionally alleged that the depots managements had been selective
    of their dealings by at all times loading NNPC retail retailers and main entrepreneurs.

    Dankingari accused the NNPC staff on the depots of extorting cash from unbiased
    entrepreneurs earlier than loading their trucks.

    Dankigari, who commended President Muhammadu Buhari and the Minister of State for Petroleum Assets on their efforts at
    operationalising the refineries, nevertheless
    warned that managers of the entities should not thwart government’s efforts.

    “All the three refineries are loading however the issue is that they’re nonetheless engaged in sharp practices. They focus on loading main entrepreneurs and NNPC retail shops.

    “They load solely few merchandise for IPMAN members each petrol, diesel
    and kerosene. However they focus on loading main and NNPC
    retail shops. They provide solely few amount to IPMAN.
    They won’t even load our members till they’ve extorted cash
    from them. Many of the merchandise they’re loading
    within the three depots at refineries are particular allocations from Abuja.

    Ugamadu, who stated NNPC was but to obtain any verbal or written complaints on the difficulty, promised a
    thorugh investigation on the matter upon receipt of any

    He stated: “The refineries are on and they’re producing and releasing merchandise for consumption. So, what they imply by particular allocation, I don’t know.

    “All I do know is that every one our actions on the refineries are extremely clear simply just like the crude oil deal we did that day was extremely clear and it was televised stay.
    So, I don’t perceive what they imply by particular
    allocation .

  2. Each day, I obtain calls, textual content
    messages and emails from motorists searching for clarification on the
    place of the regulation with respect to the indiscriminate removing of car quantity plates by regulation enforcement brokers.
    I’ll chorus from reprinting the feedback of a few of these callers who typically categorical disgust over these actions
    described by some as annoying. I recall vividly the newest name from an outdated pal who couldn’t hold again his frustration whereas narrating his expertise to me.
    In response to Yinka Jazman(not actual identify), he mentioned he
    was driving alongside the Lagos Ibadan when he was pulled over by a regulation enforcement operatives for sure offences.
    After collection of questions on sure infractions, one of many operative walked
    away solely to look with a screw driver which he used to unscrew the automobile quantity plates after which requested me
    to report back to the workplace the following
    day. A second caller was not as fortunate as Yinka as his rear automobile quantity plate
    was forcefully eliminated with naked arms.
    What actually is the place of the legislation?
    First, I want to state right here that it is illegitimate for any legislation enforcement operative to interact in elimination/confiscation of quantity plates from a car.
    This how the Federal Highway Security Corps captured
    it in a current clarification: for applicable steerage, the next provisions of the legislation are instructive: Part
    10(four)(h) of the FRSC (Institution) Act, 2007 states:
    that its an offence to be on the highway with out a legitimate automobile licence
    or identification mark being displayed. Equally, Part 10(four)(s) of the Act makes failure to show quantity plates on automobiles an offence.

    The Nationwide Highway Site visitors Rules (NRTR) 2012 additionally present
    as follows: Part 36(NRTR) 2012 makes it necessary for all personal
    and industrial automobiles to have quantity plates which shall be fastened on them in a way as to not be simply detachable.
    Part 36 states that each one non-public and industrial autos
    shall as from the graduation of those Laws have on them Automobile Identification Quantity Plates which shall -Be carried by the motorized vehicle on two plates which shall
    conform to the necessities of those rules; and the quantity plate shall be
    mounted-in such a way that every is just not simply detachable;
    and in an upright place or inside 15 levels of such place.

    Part 39(a): states that “All automobiles non-public and business shall have on them automobile identification quantity plates and shall be an offence for any automobile to not have the mentioned quantity plates”.

    He concludes by stating that‘’ that other than identification functions, automobile
    registration quantity plates are safety gadgets which are captured on the nationwide safety structure and have been used to help safety operatives in monitoring some severe nationwide safety points.
    Eradicating such identification objects from automobile plying
    our roads is not going to solely offend the regulation, however would additional jeopardize nationwide safety.

    In Part 37- (1)of the identical Rules,it states that The Identification Quantity Plates carried
    by a motorized vehicle or articulated automobile shall be displayed on two plates for a motorized vehicle and three plates for an articulated
    car and shall conform as to lettering, numbering and in any other case with the availability set out
    in figures 1-eleven of schedule 5 to those laws. The quantity plates shall in respect of a motorized vehicle be mounted,
    one on the entrance of the automobile and the opposite on the centre or on the off aspect of the rear of the car or as could also be supplied by the producer.
    In respect of a trailer, be fastened one on the entrance of the car and two
    on the rear of the trailer in an upright place.c. A motorbike,
    one plate shall be mounted in entrance and one on the rear
    with the plate having white background however blue lettering for non-public inexperienced lettering for the Federal, State or Native
    Authorities, black lettering for the Armed Forces, Paramilitary Service
    and purple lettering for industrial, so that each
    letter or determine on the plate is up- proper and simply distinguishable within the case of
    the entrance plate from behind. Within the case of the restoration of
    a semi-trailer, the operator of the prime mover shall be required to make
    sure that your entire articulated car carries the identical identification quantity in respect of the prime mover and the semi-trailer.
    Every Identification Quantity Plate have to be reflective and so
    made that any letter, numeral or different figuring out mark displayed on it are legible at day
    time and at evening in clear weather and have to
    be seen and recognizable at a distance of not
    lower than 60 metres by the driver of the speedy following car and
    within the case of bike at a distance of 30 metres.

    The Regulation additional states in Part 38-(1)
    that a automobile shall carry a Car Tag as specified in Kind MVA 25 of schedule 5 to those laws which shall be issued together
    with the Car Quantity Plate and shall carry the identical quantity with the plate and be affixed to the rear windscreen. Besides as in any other case supplied underneath these rules, quantity plates shall be transferred
    from one automobile or trailer to a different; Quantity plates shall be hooked
    up to an individual and to not a automobile and that
    Quantity Plate shall be returned to the Motor Licensing
    Authority on sale of a automobile and the brand new proprietor shall get hold of new set of quantity plate; whereas Proof of Possession Certificate is obligatory for issuance of latest quantity plates.

    All of those provisions cited clarify why driving with one quantity plate or none
    in any respect is illegitimate.

  3. The DEFENDERwas granted interview audience in the Presidency, where
    precisely President Muhammadu Buhari’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr.
    Femi Adesina, spoke on some of the issues bothering on what the President has done so far in the light of
    the current situation in the country side-by-side looking at the extent to
    which he has gone with fulfillment of his party’scampaign promises.

    The alleged strained relationship between President Buhari
    and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu was also brought to the table for
    discussion during the interview, and the former Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief
    of Sun Newspapers and former President of the Nigerian Guild of Editors (NGE), Mr.
    Adesina, made clarifications. He said more.

    President has kept to his promise of securing the country.

    One year seven months in office, talking about President Muhammadu Buhari, how far so

    Well, so far, so good in the sense that Nigeria is not where it was when he entered office.
    When you want to assess President Muhammdu Buhari’s
    government, assess it based on the promises he made.
    You know the tripod promises of the All Progressives Congress (APC) of securing the
    country, reviving the economy and fighting corruption.

    In terms of securing the country, as heaven is as far from
    hell, that is where we are now, which is far from
    where we were on May 29, 2015. We know that by 2015 the entire country was
    almost overrun and nobody was sure what would
    happen the next day, the next week. But we know where
    we are today that the insurgency is virtually defeated, completely under control.
    What we are passing through is a mopping up process and the worst we can see is over by the grace of God.

    So, in terms of securing the country, the President has kept to his promise.
    Roads that had been closed for three years have reopened. Maiduguri-Dangua Road
    that was closed since last three years is now opened. Emirs and other traditional rulers that had fled their palaces have returned and are using their palaces.
    Gombe had not had NYSC orientation for two years.
    They have orientation camp in Gombe this year.

    So, you just need to talk to people in the
    North East and they would tell you that it is a new dawn. They couldn’t
    farm for almost five seasons. They are back in their farms and they
    farm this year. Those who fled their villages are
    back into their villages. We know that there are still skirmishes here and there because there are cowardly
    suicide bombers here and there. But it will be over.
    So, the President has kept to his promise of securing the country.

    Other fronts of insurgency like Niger Delta will be settled.
    Issues like kidnapping, armed robbery, the government
    is attending to them. This government has a capacity to secure the country and is putting that capacity to work.

    On anti-corruption, it is evident, seeing what the government is doing about anti-corruption. No matter what
    they say, “Oh, it is one-sided and all that,” what we
    all know is that the anti-corruption war is well
    and alive and it is a war that will be fought to a logical conclusion. Nigeria will never be the same again after this administration because, the cleansing
    process is real and that cleansing will permeate every nook and cranny of the country.

    The third area is the economy. It is still sticky but it is work
    in progress. I want to tell you that, as clear as night follows the day, the government will put the economy of this country on a fresh foundation.

    (Cuts in) Meaning that despite all that we experience economically, there will be light at the end of the tunnel?

    Oh, definitely. Even now a new foundation of a
    diversified economy is being laid for the country.

    Don’t forget that we have had promises of diversification of the economy for five decades.
    This is the first time real practical steps are being taken to diversify the economy.

    Do you know what is happening with the agriculture now? So much so that in two years time Nigeria will not import rice again and
    will be able to even export.

    How do you mean?

    I mean we spend about two billion dollars annually importing rice.

    In about two years time we will not be importing rice
    again and we will be able to export. So, that
    is part of the new foundation for the economy.

    The solid mineral is another foundation that is being laid for the
    economy of the country. The gestation period for solid minerals
    is long. In fact the Minister of Solid Minerals, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, said the gestation period was up to 20 years, but that foundation is being laid.
    And by the time Nigeria enters into the boom of solid minerals, people will remember the Buhari administration and give it kudos.
    So, it is promise made, promise kept and promise still being

    Meaning that being patient with the government won’t be in vain?

    That is just it.

    But the problem with the people seem to be that they think President Buhari knows that the Niger Delta militants’ activities are main reason the economy is worse but that he
    doesn’t take action against them. Is the President handicapped?

    Handicapped? I am not sure government is handicapped.

    Rather, government is committed to solving that problem.
    But then, the militants or the insurgents are the ones who must also cooperate with the government except they have ulterior motives that
    we do not know. If it is just an agitation, government is willing to address
    the causes of agitations. But this government is willing
    to address the issues.

    But if, like the Niger Delta leaders came to the President today,
    brought a 16-point agenda and the President is studying
    that, at the very next day the militants bombed an oil installation again, so, what do you
    want the President to do?

    To stand up to the militants and deal with them once and for all.
    Can’t he?

    Of course but you see, this government does not
    lack the capacity to take action, and the President has said it repeatedly that if it
    comes to using military action he will use it.

    And how is he handling the protests by the communities against the presence of soldiers in search of the militants?

    That is why the communities themselves have a role to play in this.
    They should fish out those who are doing this evil and hand them over to government.

    It is an option; the communities themselves must identify
    those who are playing this criminality and hand them to the government.

    One more thing, they say the government is not
    sincere with them. How do you react to that?

    The government is very, very sincere. What interest does the
    President have except to unite the country, have a
    prosperous country and have a country where the people are happy?
    That is the interest of the President. This is one President that does not have personal agenda.
    This is one President that has just come to serve.

    Now let’s mention this issue of agitation by loyalists of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu saying
    that the President has betrayed their leader who installed him.

    What is the heat like with the presidency?

    No. Don’t forget that I don’t speak for APC. I speak for
    the President. That question probably will be taken by APC spokesman.

    But what I can say on my own end is that the President, whom I speak for, has utmost respect for Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.
    From what I have seen so far, the President has high regard
    for Asiwaju Tinubu.

    Having said that, we still come back to the question that the issue at hand affects not only
    the APC but also the person of the President because the Asiwaju Tinubu’s loyalists that are talking are saying that their leader installed President Buhari but that he has
    betrayed him. Now, did Asiwaju Tinubu actually install President Buhari and if so,
    why did the President betray him?

    You are a journalist and a political watcher. You can say whether somebody installed another person or not.
    I am sure as a political watcher you know it.

    Now, you know that getting to political office is usually combination of factors.
    Each person has role he plays and so, I don’t think anybody can come out to say, “I install this person.” No,
    it is a wrong word. That person would then be playing
    God and nobody should play God.

    Asiwaju Tinubu is a political force to reckon with.
    He played his own part in the emergence of President Buhari (just like others played their
    own parts) and that is why the President has high respect for him.

    Before the Ondo State governorship election, many people within the APC particularly
    loyal to Asiwaju Tinubu never believed that APC would win in the
    state because they suddenly began to say because the popularity of the President had gone
    down as a result of the hardship in town. But after the President himself
    took up the challenge, APC won. What was responsible for the victory despite the many odds from within and outside the party?

    As a political watcher (because I said I don’t speak for APC
    but for the President), it could be that the people knew that APC was still the way to go.

    That shows that they still believe in the party and they
    still trust the leadership of the party, I mean they trust the President.

    You know a lot of people said, “If Buhari is involved then we trust the President. We trust that it will be right, it will be fair, it will be transparent and there will be integrity in it.” So, it is something that also worked for
    APC in Ondo State.

    “The common man was the one who virtually voted President Muhammadu Buhari to the office. In fact, the masses are his bedrock. They are the ones that the President leans on and so they brought him into power. They are still in reckoning because the President reckons with them. What I just want to tell them is this, be patient. The purposes for which you elected the President will be achieved and in the lifetime of this administration. They would reap the dividends of their actions because there would be life abundant for the common man before the end of this administration.”

    In essence, the saying that Buhari’s popularity has waned has
    been knocked down by his delivering Ondo for Rotimi Akeredolu and APC?

    Those who are saying that President Buhari’s popularity has waned are not being scientific.

    I wish they can back it up with scientific proofs. You will be
    amazed if you carry out a scientific exercise, the vote of confidence
    in the President will be overwhelming because, despite the
    tough time, people know that serious work is going on and that with a bit of patience, better days will come for the country.
    And the number of people that are willing to wait for things
    to turn round are more than people who are not
    willing to wait. I have said this before.

    How did President Buhari take the recent admonition by former President Olusegun Obasanjo who said he should know that changing things for better was not by giving order and that he must
    act fast, which many have interpreted as Obasanjo
    withdrawing his support from him?

    It is only former President Obasanjo that can emphatically say, if he has
    withdrawn support from President Buhari. He didn’t say he withdrew support.
    He just gave an advice and President Buhari respects Chief Olusegun Obasanjo very highly.
    And if he gives an advice, President Buhari would look at that advice very critically.

    Did this last advice go down well with the President?

    I have not discussed that with him. I speak for him
    and I can only say what he has told me. He and I have not discussed what former President Obasanjo
    said but I know that with the kind of respect that President Buhari has for the former President, he would look at what
    he said very critically.

    Finally Sir, what is your general message to these categories of
    people I want to list: the common man, the elites and the leaders?

    Okay, let us start with the common man. The common man was the one who virtually voted President Muhammadu Buhari to the office.
    In fact, the masses are his bedrock. They are the ones that the
    President leans on and so they brought him into power.
    They are still in reckoning because the President reckons with them.

    What I just want to tell them is this, be patient.
    The purposes for which you elected the President will be achieved
    and in the lifetime of this administration. They would reap the
    dividends of their actions because there would be life abundant for the common man before the end of this administration.

    Now the second category, the elites, I can’t say the elites are not with the President.
    A large number of them is with the President. It is just the few particularly the urban elites or a vocal minority that is making noise.
    And I understand a lot of them hold political convictions, they were with the former government and
    they are with the opposing party and they
    have a right to ventilate their opinion. I just like to tell them to
    keep an open mind and they would see what would happen. I tell you, before 2019, a good number of them will change what they are saying.

    “…getting to political office is usually combination of factors. Eachperson has role he plays and so, I don’t think anybody can come out to say, “I install this person.” No, it is a wrong word. That person would then be playing God and nobody should play God. Asiwaju Tinubu is a political force to reckon with. He played his own part in the emergence of President Buhari and that is why the President has high respect for him.”

    If they are a vocal minority and the way they talk is
    capable of derailing your government, how do you manage them?

    This President is not a talkative. He is a President that believes in action more than words.

    He action is what will convince that local minority.

    And talking about the leaders, is President Muhammadu Buhari going to reshuffle his cabinet as envisaged?

    He has the right to keep his cabinet and he has a right to
    reshuffle it.

    But do you agree with those that say some of
    the ministers are nonperforming?

    It is not for me to say because it is my principal who appointed them.
    And because he appointed them, he is in the best position to assess them.

    When he appointed there was a matching order he gave them.
    There is what is called timeline and delivery meaning that you must achieve this before this time.
    He is the one who knows that timeline he set for them and
    that is what he would use to assess them.

    Keeping the cabinet, rejigging it, dissolving it, whatever, is the
    prerogative of the President.

    Still on the leaders, could you enlighten us about what happened when people complained that some people in the cabinet are
    corrupt and the President is refusing to remove them.
    Why is he doing that?

    You don’t remove people based on allegations.
    You remove people based on facts. The President is
    so fair minded that he will never act against anybody based on allegations but will rather act against him based on facts.
    So, anybody that is alleging anything against anybody
    in government should please come out with facts.

    Lastly, I have been told by one former politician now a first class Oba who said the way the President is allowing antagonistic opposition is dangerous to his government.
    What is your response to that?

    In a true democracy there must be opposition. It
    is left to the opposition whether it will be a virulent opposition or a factual or critical
    opposition. It is left for the opposition to decide the way they want
    to run their opposition.

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    sort of store.

    Store Insurers use many standard ranking things to determine premiums and postcode and yearly
    turnover are important things.

    The area of your store will mainly decide the
    value you pay for address, in certain for store stock and contents.
    A shop located in a operate down housing estate with
    recognised propensity for theft and vandalism will command a a lot
    higher high quality than a person situated in a modern-day browsing centre with avenue stability and
    CCTV. Yearly turnover is used to calculate deal with ranges this
    sort of as the affect of a loss on a retailers
    skill to trade.

    Shop buildings insurance policy addresses the expenditures of rebuilding the shop and the expenses of replacing the
    shop entrance, which is invariably produced of glass.
    All properties insurance coverage handles lasting fixtures
    and fittings such as bathrooms and doors.

    This deal with is offered for both shop entrepreneurs and all those
    who lease the residence.

    Store contents coverage handles all the more store fittings and
    devices that is applied in the each day functioning of
    the enterprise. Most insurance plan companies will
    require a breakdown of the contents of the shop into sums insured fo business
    enterprise gear, fixtures and fittings, electrical and laptop or
    computer gear, tenants improvements, refrigerated inventory and all other stock.

    Shops that require safety for significant hazard merchandise
    held on the premises will usually need to have to declare the whole values of each inventory product.
    Substantial threat store stock and goods are those people that bring in intruders and are costly to swap.
    Illustrations of significant risk inventory products are
    digital gear, cigarettes, and tobacco, designer apparel, computer systems and electronic gear, software,
    laptop online games and consoles, prescription drugs
    pharmacy and medicines, watches and jewellery, cell phones and
    radios, photographic equipment, electricity resources, TVs, DVDs, CDs and Wines
    and Spirits.

    If your shop has large threat stock you can reduce the price tag of your rates by owning sufficient security in position. This involves an insurance coverage corporation accredited burglar and
    hearth alarm, window grills, shutters and bars, CCTV and sprinklers.

    Numerous shop insurers will only offer inventory include if the bare minimum amounts of safety
    are in place for all outlets, irrespective of the inventory
    contents held. A good deal of insurers could give even further large discount
    rates to the high quality if the store operator life on or previously mentioned the premises and is there at

    Stores by their quite character deal with associates of the public and a excellent
    insurance policy policy will normally incorporate liability
    address as regular. This should really incorporate Community Liability of up to £2,000,000
    for any one declare by a member of the community who may well
    experience decline or harm traveling to
    the shop.

    If you use personnel all insurance policies will provide Companies Legal responsibility deal
    with of up to £10,000,000 a person celebration and simply because stores provide
    products and solutions, Solutions Liability include of £2,000,000
    for any a person period of insurance coverage.

    Other common options of a shop insurance coverage plan are
    several concentrations of include for Authorized expenditures
    and Lawful protection, Employers, Community and Goods Liability, Decline
    of income, Glass and Sanitary Ware, Revenue go over and staff Individual Accident assault, Business Interruption, Items in Transit, Reduction of Licence, Remedy Threats and
    Seasonal increases in inventory contents price.

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